sE's microphone accessories are manufactured with the same exacting levels of precision as our mics. Whether you need some extra isolation from a shockmount, a sturdier boom stand, or some add-ons for your Reflexion Filter, our accessories are here to help.

Isolation Pack

Quick-release shock mount with integrated, adjustable pop shield.

The Isolation Pack is a great add-on for anyone looking to increase the versatility of their X1 Series, 2200a II Series, or Magneto mics.

The integrated quick-release mechanism at the base of the shock mount makes it easy to insert or remove a mic. No screws, no hassle, just one twist to secure or release.

Made from metal (rather than delicate fabric), the pop shield can be vertically positioned to accommodate any of the above mics, or completely removed from the shock mount if desired.

The Isolation Pack comes included with the X1 Vocal Pack and X1 Studio Bundle.

Dual Pro Pop Filter

Metal? Fabric?
Metal + Fabric?
You choose.

A simple but highly effective solution to the problem of needing different pop shields for different vocal performances. The Dual Pro Pop uses a rock-solid gooseneck with both a standard fabric membrane and our professional metal pop shield on a hinged mechanism. You can use either separately or both simultaneously, depending on the application.


Pro Metal Pop Filter

Not your ordinary pop screen.

This unique metal screen is not simply perforated, but implements a slightly convex shape to redirect low-frequency air blasts to the side of the screen. This process does not attenuate high frequencies (as fabric screens can) and leaves the vocal performance completely unaffected, minus any disruptive low frequency "pops".

The gooseneck holds its position at any angle, keeping you covered at all times. And since the whole thing is made of metal, it will take a lot more abuse than a traditional fabric shield. This tool is built to last.

sE Stand 1

Can metal buy peace of mind? We think it can.

We were often asked by our high-end clients where they could get ahold of serious quality mic stands. When we started to try and source them for customers, we found only one or two companies making high-spec products.

So we went back to the drawing board, looked at classic designs, and we built heavy-duty stands made to last; stands made to take heavy loads without wobbling with your expensive mic on them; stands made to the same industrial build quality standards as all of our products.

The Stand 1 is finished in solid brushed aluminum with stainless steel hardware, and comes double spring-loaded in every boom to protect your valuable mic if the boom is accidentally dropped before it's been fully tightened.

The end result? A stand for any mic, for any studio - for peace of mind.



RF Music Stand

Where your music goes while you sing it.

Many of our Reflexion Filter Pro users asked us to produce a stand which lets them clip lyrics or music in place while they are making recordings, so we've come up with the RF Music Stand, which is a sturdy support for music books and tablature sheets alike.

The sE Reflexion Filter Music Stand (RF MS) clamps easily onto the top of the Reflexion Filter Pro in seconds, and features clips to attach your notes and music tablature/books on the horizontal top bar. Please note: the RF Music Stand is designed only for use with the sE Reflexion Filter PRO.