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Chris Fogel: Ghostbusters, The Gemini II, and More

Chris Fogel is a producer, engineer, and mixer with recordings under his belt from artists including Alanis Morissette, Aerosmith, Sheryl Crow, and Childish Gambino. But his real successes in the last several years have come from film score engineering and mixing, with titles including The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, The Wolf of Wall Street, and Fruitvale Station.

The T2 and Gemini II on percussion for the Ghostbusters score.

Over the last year, Fogel has been working on Spy, Creed, Halo 5: Guardians, and - most recently - GhostbustersZoolander 2, and Central Intelligence. He was kind enough to send us through some photos from these scoring sessions, as he's been a Gemini II user for several years now, and recently acquired a pair of T2 condensers for his percussion needs.

"[The Gemini II] is the best timpani mic I've ever used, and I typically used well-maintained 47s or 49s. Really great."


"The T2s sounded exactly like I hoped they would. Punch and beef on toms was the number one criteria, and they delivered. Just slight EQing in my API 560s and they were perfect."

Events Presents: The X1 D Giveaway - #sEturnsfifteen

For the second-to-last month of our 15th Anniversary Giveaways, we've partnered with to give away fifteen X1 D condenser microphones.

This specialized mic uses a hand-crafted titanium-sputtered diaphragm to capture transients with a speed and accuracy not typically found in a large-diaphragm condenser, making it ideal for drums, plucked strings, and other highly percussive sounds.

Read more about the X1 D here, and enter the giveaway here!


Live Sound, sE On Tour

Catfish and the Bottlemen and the guitaRF

Catfish and the Bottlemen, the hugely popular guitar-driven UK rock band, have just finished a fast and heavy tour of the US. On this tour, their FOH engineer Mike Woodhouse took his new guitaRF® Reflexion Filters on the road for the first time, and is immensely pleased with the results.

One of three guitaRFs on stage, behind lead guitarist Johnny Bond (left) and singer Ryan "Van" McCann (right).

Woodhouse says, “I've been using ribbon microphones on guitars for some time, and due to the nature of my ribbon microphone of choice, I've always end up picking up a lot of unwanted stage noise from its figure of eight pattern.” He initially tried to combat this by taping up the rear of the microphone, which he said was somewhat effective, “but that changed the tone dramatically, and for the worse. This is when I got thinking about either ditching the microphone altogether, or using something that would help reduce noise whilst keeping the tone intact - which brings me to sE.”

Initially, Woodhouse considered bringing along sE’s RF SPACE, as he’d used it in studio situations for this purpose. However, “it would have been too big and cumbersome to take on tour.” After a bit of browsing he discovered the guitaRF, designed based on the use of Reflexion Filters on stage amps for artists including Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Paramore, and My Morning Jacket.

“It looked like a perfect contender for the job. Small, touring-friendly and I could even double-mic my guitar cabs too…winner! The design is lightweight yet extremely robust; it can be dismantled for touring with ease and does the job to absolute perfection.”

Woodhouse now uses a total of three guitaRFs on all of the band’s main guitar cabinets.

Two guitaRFs during setup, before mounting the mics.

“With these filters I can get the boys' guitars screaming over any PA without worry of feedback or unwanted stage noise coming from out front."

“In the past I’ve had trouble getting the guitars sitting nicely on top of the mix due to the stage noise, but with these filters I can get the boys' guitars screaming over any PA without worry of feedback or unwanted stage noise coming from out front. The beauty of having the rubber grommet in the center of the filter means I can keep both my microphones aligned in the same position, knowing they won’t move or be aligned slightly out of phase, ever!" 

The guitaRF base fits between the cabinets, with an LP Claw used to extend the reach of the filter.

Since the guitar cabinets are stacked on stage, with the mic on the upper amps, Woodhouse chose to modify the base of his guitaRFs for a perfect fit.

“I noticed the arm of an LP claw was the right size to fit in the guitaRF’s base hole. By sawing down the arm to match the rough height I wanted the microphones to sit, I had now added another dimension to positioning of the filter depending on the cabinet type.” 

“All in all, sE have created something for the live market that should be in practice for every touring band. I mean, why wouldn't you want studio sound quality in an entirely live sound environment?”

Learn more about the guitaRF here.

Visit the Catfish and the Bottlemen website.

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CMJ Music Marathon 2015 at Paste Magazine Studios.

This week in New York City, Paste Magazine is hosting a series of CMJ Music Marathon showcase performances at their new studio, with vocals brought to you by sE Electronics.

Paste has been a beloved entertainment magazine for many years. This week, 20+ bands will provide intimate live-in-studio performances at their headquarters in Manhattan, and we're proud to have provided a Gemini II for lead and backing vocalists, as well as a matched pair of 4400a mics for guitar amps.

The walls of the studio itself are home to hundreds and hundreds of archival recordings that make up just a small percentage of the massive Wolfgang's Vault and Concert Vault archives, and they provide a beautiful backdrop for the artists recording there. 


Check out the Paste Magazine Instagram account for more photos, and stay tuned for video of all the live performances on their website!