Dan Worrall Platinum Ears records Little Robots

Monday 28th November 2011

Dan Worrall (Platinum Ears) provides recording, mixing and mastering services at the The Laundry Rooms recording studios in Sheffield. Dan Worrall has kindly sent sE Electronics (via the sE Matrix) this recent session picture of Little Robots recording their Xmas single, The Christmas Song (available on iTunes).

Dan Worrall: “It would be great if they [Little Robots] could keep the likes of Simon Cowell off the top spot this year! In this session, I used the sE Z5600a as the side mic of an MS stereo pair, with an Earthworks QTC30 as the mid.”

Dan continues: “I used my Z5600a to record acoustic guitar for Sean Cannon (The Dubliners). Sounded great, and the figure-8 pattern was very useful to reject his vocal. I used the same mic to record his son James' vocal, and it suited him much better than the U87ai we also tried."

"I've also had great results using the Z5600a for drum overheads: I once borrowed my neighbours Gemini and used it together with my Z5600A for a MS stereo pair, which sounded huge... but a sturdy stand is required when using those two mics on one stereo bar!"

Dan also makes video tutorials covering a range of recording, mixing, mastering and sound design techniques. Dan: "The Z5600A also records my voice overs for all my tutorial videos." Tutorials are currently available for Reaktor (and Lazerbass), Camel Audio and FabFilter plugins, Sonic Charge Microtonic and Tone2 ElectraX. Dan also designs his own plugins: "I release under the name Platinum Ears: these have proved rather popular over the years, especially the classic IQ4qui dynamic EQ plugin (originally released in january 2005) and the more recent 5ORCERY meta-multiband compressor."