Ray Parker Jr. and his sE Electronics Gemini II

Friday 26th October 2012

Ray Parker Jr. is best known for his Academy Award Nominated smash hit ‘Ghostbusters’ and has worked with musical genius’ such as Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder...and his mic of choice after a music career spanning 6 decades? The sE Electronics Gemini II…

Ray Parker Jr. got into music at the age of 6 because he didn't want to dance with the girls in gym class! He started on the clarinet, morphed to the saxophone and then the guitar by age 10. He played with The Spinners at the of age 13, worked with Marvin Gaye at 15, then Stevie Wonder at 18 touring as the opening act with the Rolling Stones.

Moving to California to start his own career Ray’s first hit record, written with Chaka Kahn, ‘You got the Love’ hit the number 1 slot on the Hot Soul Singles Chart in 1974. Ray went on to form the R&B/Funk group Raydio in 1977 who scored their first big hit, ‘Jack and Jill’, from their self-titled album in 1978 with Arista Records. Raydio went on to score a string of hits in the 70’s and 80’s culminating with the re-named Ray Parker Jr. and Raydio’s biggest hit 'A Woman Needs Love (Just Like You Do)'.

After the band split in 1981, Ray continued with his solo career, scoring six Top 40 hits, including the hit singles ‘The Other Woman’ in 1982 and, the now infamous, ‘Ghostbusters’ in 1984. He also wrote and produced hits for New Edition, Randy Hall, Cheryl Lynn, Deniece Williams and Diana Ross, and performed guitar on La Toya Jackson’s 1980 debut album.

Most of Ray’s big hits were recorded at his ‘Ameraycan Studios’ on a 24 track with an SSL Console, and his go to mic these days is the sE Gemini II for vocals and the sE Rupert Neve RNR1 for his guitars. Most recently the Gemini II saw main vocal action on the ‘Up all Night’ Cheryl Lynn album project, and is currently being used to great effect on new music for Ray, Jericho Parker and Cheryl Lynn.

“The dual-tube Gemini II is incredibly warm, and delivers ultimate performance when making digital recordings. Most of the mic's I used to use were created to use with analogue tape, so you have to roll off the high-end quite a bit when recording digitally. The Gemini II is the perfect balance of vintage sound for modern recording, and it’s built solid and reliable.”

Ray Parker Jr.

“Working with Cheryl Lynn I also had the chance to use the Reflexion Filter Pro which was invaluable in closing off the ‘sound’ of the room so you can work with really pure vocal take, it makes a great vocal set up with the Gemini II. If you are recording in the 21st Century you will find it pays to step into the new standard in mic technology. In short, if you want that warm, fat sound without compromise…own a Gemini II”

Ray Parker Jr. at the 2012 NAMM Show with sE Owners James Young (Right) and Phil Smith (Left).

Thank you to Ray Parker Jr. for his kind words and picture!

If you would like to audition or buy the sE Gemini II in your studio via the sE loan service, please email marketing@seelectronics.com

By Hannah Staunton