Jack Rubinacci's Mic of Choice, the sE Gemini II

Wednesday 30th January 2013

Jack Rubinacci is an Anglo-Italian singer songwriter and has been a musician since the early age of 14. Born in Rome but grew up as a child in Birmingham, he became part of the British music scene during his time as lead singer in rock band ‘Honeyman’. Since his decision to continue as a solo artist he has toured with such artists as the late John Martyn, Joe Cocker and The Script as well as starting his own record company, RAR Records. He also recently supported the legendary Lionel Richie by opening his tour at the Oslo Spektrum in October last year and with his distinctive and unique voice is rapidly becoming a global success. We wanted to know more about Jack’s career, his upcoming projects for this year and what else he had to say about his new microphone of choice, the sE Gemini II.

"My musical abilities and inspiration came from my father. He is an Italian musician and worked in a bar in Rome as a pianist. When I was a child I'd often fall asleep in the corner of the hotel foyer listening to my father play The Beatles and Frank Sinatra. I never really made a conscious decision to be a musician. I began my musical career at the age of 14, I was in bands at school and I never wanted to stop", says Rubinacci. 

"I first discovered sE mics whilst in the UK on a writing session. After finishing the writing we went ahead and demoed the song, that’s when I came across the sE Gemini II microphone. I'd never seen it before and I instantly found it impressive to look at. When I listened to the playbacks I immediately liked the sound of my vocals and kept telling myself how much I love the sound of the mic. So I decided to take the plunge, it's my first good quality mic and it's fantastic!"

"Having recorded at Abbey Road Studios and Real World Studios, I’ve had use of a lot of microphones. However, I like the Gemini II because it cuts through with both bottom and mid to tops. I find that some other mics can be slightly soft sounding, and that’s not what I personally like. The sound is incredible, full, and robust with a cutting edge. I also like the design of the Gemini II and how well built it is. The case it comes in is great too as it makes it secure to travel with."

Jack states he uses the sE Gemini II " primarily for vocals when I’m in the studio. I use it for close mic’ing my vocals, which gives me a warm and clear sound. I also use the Gemini on an up right piano and acoustic guitar, it sounds great on all! My first vocal session using the Gemini II is on a track called One Night Symphony’ which I co wrote and perform with the fantastic Abi F Jones. The track has been released in Norway and we have just released the video. It will also be featured on Abi’s album, which is coming out very soon. Whilst recording the song I felt the Gemini II was giving my vocal an edge that the song really needed. I've used the sE Gemini II and the Gemini III, together with a Reflexion Filter Pro. The mics have become my new mics of choice due to the robust, rounded bottom end and clear top end of the mic. The RF Pro was easy to use and sounded great too. I have been recording my next album and I'll definitely be using the Gemini II on my vocals. I look forward to using more sE microphones in the future."

To find out more about Jack Rubinacci's microphone of choice, or how you can audition sE mics in your studio, email marketing@seelectronics.com

By Hannah Staunton