Meet the X1. No frills, no tricks, just great sound.

Whether you’re recording lead vocals, acoustic guitar, strings, percussion or any other source instruments, we believe the sE X1 outperforms every mic in its price class. 

Why is the X1 such a classy mic? Mainly because its large diaphragm, gold-sputtered capsule is hand-crafted and hand-tuned by skilled technicians in our own factory. This is highly unusual for mics at this price, and is a great point of pride for us.

This capsule is the true heart of the X1. Since all our capsules are custom-made in-house (you can read more about that here), we are able to coax the very highest levels of performance out of our microphones.


Surrounding the all-important electronics is a sturdy metal chassis finished in acoustically-damping black paint, to minimize any resonant frequencies in the microphone body. The sE X1 is also equipped with a 10dB pad and a low-cut bass filter, providing essential tools for recording a variety of sources in any environment.

The X1 comes standard with a mic clip that will securely attach it to any mic stand, but if you're interested in some other options, you can read about the X1's accessories and bundles below.


The Isolation Pack

The Isolation Pack is a great add-on for anyone looking to increase the versatility of their X1 Series mic.

The integrated quick-release mechanism at the base of the shock mount makes it easy to insert or remove your mic. No screws, no hassle, just one twist to secure or release.

Made from metal (rather than delicate fabric), the pop shield can be vertically adjusted or completely removed from the shock mount if desired.

The X1 Vocal Pack

All the essentials for the start of a great recording chain, including sE's simple but highly effective metal pop shield.


  • X1 microphone
  • Custom sE shock mount
  • sE's metal pop shield
  • 3-meter mic cable

The X1 Studio Bundle

If you're recording in a non-acoustically-treated space (bedrooms, closets, etc.), a Reflexion Filter™ helps keep your signal clean without the sound of your room around it.

The X1 Studio Bundle has everything from the Vocal Pack, plus our simple and effective RF-X so you can record anywhere you want.


  • X1 microphone
  • RF-X Reflexion Filter™
  • Custom sE shock mount
  • sE's metal pop shield
  • 3-meter mic cable

  • Capsule: Hand-crafted, 1" diaphragm, gold-sputtered
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz
  • Sensitivity: -32 dBV/Pa (25.1mV/Pa)
  • Polar Pattern: Cardioid
  • Impedance: ≤ 200 Ohms
  • Equivalent Noise Level: 16dB (A-weighted)
  • Max SPL for 0.5% THD @1kHz: 125dB
  • Power Requirement: Phantom power 48V±4V
  • Connector: 3-pin XLR


"The sE X1 has a more open quality, seems less colored and has a top end that you would normally associate with microphones about 5 times the price."

- Russ Hughes, Pro Tools Expert (full review)

"For the money, and for the sound, this only comes along once in a while. Go for it."

- Steven Gurgevich (full review via Sweetwater Sound)

"I like sE's X1 mic for its lively, in‑your‑face character, which still manages to avoid sounding strident. This is also a good all‑rounder for the kind of acoustic instruments that you find in a typical home studio."

- Paul White, Sound On Sound (full review)

"I really like this mic and it's now my main LDC. Considering the price, everyone should have one."

- user Riku (full review)

"The build quality, facilities and overall feel of this microphone are certainly beyond what you would expect considering the street price...perhaps it’s the fact that sE have a dedicated factory over in Shanghai producing this stuff, but I wouldn’t have been surprised if you told me it was twice the price if not more."

- Mike Watkinson, AskAudioMag (full review)