From the guitar body's deepest resonance to the fast, sharp attack of your pick, an acoustic guitar mic needs to clearly capture a wide range of frequencies.

Serious sound at an affordable price.

The X1 A (cardioid)

"The X1 A can convince you of its balanced frequency response, rich bass, unobtrusive yet present mids, as well as gentle highs...undoubtedly worth every cent of its low purchase price."

- Carsten Kaiser, (full review, German)


“Sounds like a wickedly expensive high-end microphone...”

"The sound leaves no wish unanswered in any application."

Planet Music & Media

The next step up for clarity and performance.


"...just mount up an sE4400a and hit record." 

- Andy Hong, Tape Op (full review)


Voodoo VR2

"If you like the idea of a ribbon sound but find traditional ribbon mics a touch too dull, the Voodoos might just win you over."

- Paul White, Sound On Sound (full review)

● ● ●   PRO
The best sound that money can buy.

Gemini II

"The mic is an absolute pleasure - easily competes with mics at twice the price point. Really warm and rich, yet plenty of high end sparkle. While some folks might consider it primarily a vocal mic, I've had some of my best results on acoustic instruments. It really captures mandolin and small bodied guitar nuances quite accurately."

- Bennett Dean Lewis, Guitarist (of Montreal, Lera Lynn) - sE Artist


The RN17

"The RN17 is my new favorite small diaphragm condenser mic. It's incredibly detailed in the higher frequencies and has a weight in the lower mids that was traditionally compromised in pencil mics. I love it on acoustic guitar, piano, strings, percussion, and as a room mic on any source."

- John O'Mahony, Mixer / Producer (Vance Joy, Sarah Bareilles, Coldplay, Metric)  - sE Artist





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