Austin, TX - USA

Eclectica Studios owner Tim Dolbear is a producer, engineer, and writer for Mix Magazine & Sound On Sound.

He has worked / performed with Sammy Hagar, Billy Sheehan, Jamie Oldaker, The Tonight Show Band, & more.

"I bought my stereo pair of sE5 microphones the minute I finished reviewing them for MIX magazine (June 2014 issue). Why are these mics not priced at $1000 each?”

"The sE5 stereo pair is my favorite setup for drum overheads and percussion. They are fast, clean, clear and modern sounding. You can usually find them set up as room mics in an ORTF 110° spread pattern. They always deliver an open yet precise, detail-rich sound. No matter what pattern I set the stereo pair up in, I’m given exactly the sonic imaging I am seeking."