Berlin - Germany

Gene Caberra
Universal Mind
The Voice of Germany
Eurovision Song Contest
German Idol

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Gene Caberra is a German guitarist, singer & songwriter. His music combines genres such as blues, rock and jazz. He also has a prolific career as a session musician with a wide range of music genres, from Pop to Rock and Metal. While he continues working as a vocal coach, singer, guitarist and musical director for different artists, his debut record "Attic Tape" comes out in 2018.


"It is well known that every singer is searching for the microphone which suits their voices perfectly. I found my ideal match with the Z5600 II."

"It has a very smooth, clear and transparent sound combined with the enjoyable warmness you want from a tube microphone. Without further adjustment my voice sits perfectly in the mix. The versatility of the Z5600 II is phenomenal as well. I don't need to switch between mics anymore no matter if I record softer or harder tracks."


"For my guitar sound I use the VR2 ribbon together with the V3 dynamic. These 2 microphones give you all the frequencies you can hope for while recording guitar."