Chico, CA - USA

Ken Bedene is the drummer for the band Aborted and is one of the most talked-about drummers in the metal scene today.

Mostly known for his work with the band Aborted, Ken’s hard work, relentless touring schedule, and strong album releases continue to show there’s no faking it here. Ken has been featured on the albums “Global Flatline”,  “The Necrotic Manifesto”,  "Retrogore", and "Terrorvision" from Aborted.


The V7 X on snare is great. After switching to this mic, I had instant compliments about my snare and I could tell that the full tone was carrying out even more than before."

“I feel blessed to have the ability to have my drums sound as good live as in a studio setting wherever I travel.

sE8s are great for spot micing cymbals or using as main overheads. They are super clean with a nice high end that make any cymbal sound good. 

VR1s aren't typically used for overheads, but after hearing the results I was sold. They are very warm and don't carry some of the harsh frequencies typical condensers would.

With the new V BEAT and V KICK microphones, I honestly went in to the studio with a few hours to set up everything and record...they sounded really good from the get-go, and there was minimal effort in making the kick and toms shine. They capture the tones I want to hear from my drums. Seriously impressive.”