Vienna - Austria

"In this genre, we need to create larger-than-life tones. Over the last 10 years, I had the chance to try a lot of different gear & mics and I am happy to be a part of the sE family, because some of their products made my life as an engineer a lot easier."

"Mics like the 4400a or the Z5600aII became my go-to mics for many applications to achieve these 'larger than life' tones I am looking for."


"I am still a huge fan of real guitar amps & cabs and the 4400a is the perfect companion for me."

"It gives me a well balanced sound with a smooth top end - combined with a dynamic mic like the V7 it's a deadly weapon for metal guitar tones."


"The Z5600aII is my go-to mic for shines and perfectly sits in the mix straight out of the box - without the need to touch an EQ. Great!!!"


Watch Nathan Trent perform his cover of "I'm Alive", recorded by Norbert Leitner with Z5600a II on vocals and T2 on guitar: