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In the music business as a producer since 1996, Peter has his own record label, and also works for several independent and major labels in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy.


Peter's first Austrian gold record as a producer.


A selection of Peter's work (click to see more).


"I use the Gemini II for vocal recordings because of its warm sound on female and male voices. I like that crisp tube sound - on the one hand it´s kind of vintage, and on the other hand it also sounds so modern on pop productions - GREAT!!!"


"The Z5600a II is perfect for backing vocals because of its rich, full-bodied sound, and because of its polar patterns - I like the figure-8 for backing vocals because of having eye contact with my singing partners."


sE V7 - oh what a great dynamic mic for live vocals - I used it this summer with my band - my voice never sounded better before. Unbeatable!!!"

"In my opinion, you can use the 2200a II even without any expensive channel strip - just direct via an audio interface into the DAW and you get a clear, natural and rich vocal sound - male and female."


"The RF-X helps me to record vocals and instruments even without having a perfect studio situation. So I can do high quality recording sessions wherever I am with my equipment, and that's a very important factor for my working process."


The RF Space is a perfect tool for leveling up a vocal recording session wherever you are."
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"Try and test the sE gear - it sounds absolutely great and the guys are very cool at sE!"