New Products

ProMic Laser - sE's New DSLR Camera Microphone

At an exclusive dealer & press event today in the UK, we launched ProMic Laser: a shotgun condenser microphone and our first on-camera microphone, bringing sE’s 12 years of microphone manufacturing expertise to a completely new market.

Unlike many other DSLR mics, the Laser's sound isn't hyped or artificial - it maintains a neutral frequency response across the whole spectrum, for a pure, natural capture of any source. The Laser is hot-shoe mountable directly onto DSLR cameras, and is powered by a single AAA battery.

The mic has a Bass Cut for removing unwanted low frequencies, such as traffic or electronic noise from the camera itself. Laser comes with a foam windshield, 3.5mm coiled mini-jack to mini-jack cable and a carry case.

For more information on ProMic Laser, check out the product page here.