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CMJ Music Marathon 2015 at Paste Magazine Studios.

This week in New York City, Paste Magazine is hosting a series of CMJ Music Marathon showcase performances at their new studio, with vocals brought to you by sE Electronics.

Paste has been a beloved entertainment magazine for many years. This week, 20+ bands will provide intimate live-in-studio performances at their headquarters in Manhattan, and we're proud to have provided a Gemini II for lead and backing vocalists, as well as a matched pair of 4400a mics for guitar amps.

The walls of the studio itself are home to hundreds and hundreds of archival recordings that make up just a small percentage of the massive Wolfgang's Vault and Concert Vault archives, and they provide a beautiful backdrop for the artists recording there. 


Check out the Paste Magazine Instagram account for more photos, and stay tuned for video of all the live performances on their website!