sE On Tour

sE+JT = On Tour with Justin Timberlake

Andy Meyer, Justin Timberlake's FOH engineer, has been using a few of our mics on tour. Check out some behind-the-scenes photos:

The man himself.

Andy's beautiful, delicious rack of outboard gear.

An sE4 small-diaphragm condenser on hand drum - now replaced by the sE5.

sE's Voodoo VR2 on guitar cabs (1 of two Voodoos in use).

A view from the board. VR2s for all!

Terry Santiel, percussionist extraordinaire. Check out his Instagram.

Big board + big lights + big sound = big show.

Many thanks to Jonathan Pines for the photos, and many thanks to Andy and Terry for their support (and consultation on new product development - shhh).