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sE Microphones for Shanghai's Opera Week

This fall marked a spectacular series of outdoor concerts for Shanghai's North Bund Opera Week, and sE microphones were utilized throughout. We recently caught up with Des O'Neill, the Opera Week's sound engineer, to hear what he had to say about the performances.

"In my previous experience across concerts and events, with a specialization in orchestral performances, I was not familiar with and had not considered using sE Electronics microphones to mic up an entire symphony orchestra - especially one that was performing outdoors, like the floating stage at North Bund in Shanghai."

"The opera and classical concerts had all the challenges commonly associated with outdoor concerts; including wind, ambient noise and moisture. The whole range of mics more than performed well for all three concerts."

"Zero wind noise was experienced through the orchestral microphones, which is a great result considering that over seventy microphones were used on stage and were open to the PA."


"The stand out microphone in the range was the RN17. The RN17’s were used on all the 1st and 2nd violins, and I was impressed with their performance. The RN17 has good off axis rejection, which greatly reduced spill and went a long way towards delivering a good orchestral high strings sound."