New Products

The first V7 and V3 reviews are coming in!


"Technically perfect design...robust sound for the stage that does not cost the world."

"...its subtle metallic effect makes the live microphones a real eye-catcher...they also feel very valuable."

"The processing of the microphones is faultless...and small gimmicks, such as the anti-roll ring at the microphone head and replaceable inner windscreen, make working with newcomers in this field like sE Electronics a pleasure."

"Thumbs up!"


"..feels comfortable and substantial in the hand...delivers a solid, natural vocal sound with good resistance to popping and suitably low handling noise."

"They manage to sound punchy without ever being over-harsh in the presence region...[the V7's] extended frequency response and good resistance to feedback make it a strong performer."


"Feedback wasn’t an issue...even when the grille was inevitably cupped by the grip of an MC not yet schooled in proper mic technique, neither mic went into feedback."

"With some high-pass filtering the V7 sounds solid and the midrange captures an aggressive bite, particularly in the 800Hz range that none of the others could compete with."

"On snare, the huge bottom end of the V7 conjured a snare sound that could punch through walls...for big heavy snares, this mic is a must have."


From Sweetwater:
"Using this as my vocal mic. I am blown away by the clarity and reproduction of nuances in my singing...I'm a baritone, but I think this would work for anybody given that it is very neutral sounding. Tried it on flute as well and that sounded very nice too, and no trouble with blast. So there would be no problem playing flute through it while sitting at the piano."


From Sweetwater:
"...I love this mic."


From Gearslutz:
"I do have experience with the V7, I have owned it for a while now and used it for live sound. It has great rejection (supercardioid) and it sounded good, very natural and balanced compared to an SM58 which is in the same price bracket. With added benefits like a built in shock mount. I found it superior as a lead vocal mic to an SM58 (its main competitor probably)."


From Amazon:
"This mic is not a Shure 58 with the super bright high end, it's a more of a natural sound. I'm using it in the recording studio for harmonica, distorted electric guitars and other bright sources (like screechy singers) that need a little less sizzle. I'd suggest it's a $100 alternative to the $700 Beyer M160 ribbon mic, which is very popular on guitar amps."