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New sE2200 Review from Bonedo: 5/5 Stars

"Yes, it is amazing how "big" and "noble" a microphone can sound for this price."

"In the fiercely competitive high-end budget microphones market, sE Electronics has once again brought the sE2200 up to date - and you can hear that! From the feared "cheap microphone highs hype" there is nothing to fear, the signal sounds again more "expensive" than before."

"Especially the high resolution of the so-important mids is amazing, here the microphone transmits with a pleasant lightness. It also provides enough "meat" to apply even strong filter curves in post-processing, without the signal becoming hollow and breaking."

"The sE Electronics sE2200 is an amazing microphone. It delivers a high resolution, an open, complete and slightly "modern" frequency response in the broad sweet spot and a functional equipment - for really very little money."