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Gearslutz Reviews the V7 Dynamic

"The V7 is well-engineered, solid. It doesn't have a cheap feel. As a hand-held mic the V7 weighs as much as a juicy orange/SM58 and fits balanced in the hand without muffling the capsule."

"I was surprised at how well-voiced the V7 is for a mix, closer to a LDC mic than the usual hand-held; a clear bright representation with plenty of detail in the vocal range."

"In the V7 sE Electronics have a well-judged product that sits well with the excellent competition and is a level above similarly-priced 'budget' feels solid enough to last a lifetime in the studio or for general live use."

"I think these mics are a useful update to the classic design: the best of the past with design and sonic qualities for the future."