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Gearslutz Reviews the X1 S Studio Bundle

"I enjoyed using the X1 S; it was stress-free and easy to use. I was surprised at how good the recorded files sounded for a mic in this price range. The filter seemed to help add depth and mid-range resolution in the recording."

"...the X1 S is made for [our] busy world. It's instant. Put it on a stand and you're good to go. It doesn't warrant any fuss; it just does it's thing – and it does that thing very well, sounding smooth and expensive. It'll possibly save a little studio time."

"...there's a trickle-down of manufacturing techniques and expertise from the more expensive sE mics to the X range."

"For a novice or for a producer/artist who doesn't want to think too much about technical specifics, the RF-X is a good choice. Just set-up and focus on creating."

"Excellent value for the price given the sonic capability and build-quality."

"It's good to know that hand-made instruments still have a role in an increasingly automated world. As usual sE's marketing is factual and makes no false claims. sE's informative website shows that they manufacture a range of mics from the budget X1 A to the Rupert Neve-designed high-end ribbons and lot's of good stuff in-between. A proportion of that high-end instrument-maker expertise has filtered down to the X1 S."

"sE Electronics have created a well-designed, well-engineered and stylish mic, hand-made from good quality components, and even if the look is not for you, the X1 S still has a capable and classy sound. It sounds more expensive than the cost."