sE In The Studio

What makes the sE Reflexion Filter® so unique?

Often copied, never equaled.

Since sE invented the Reflexion Filter® in 2006, it has brought studio-quality vocals to over 120,000 rooms all over the world.


Since then, other companies have produced dozens of copies & clones, but sE's original Reflexion Filters have remained the industry standard for portable acoustic treatment due to their patented multi-layer technologies, which don't affect the sound of your favorite microphones like other imitation filters do.


Click on the image below to see how different “reflection filters” affect the sound of a mic.

So why can’t you just use a material like cardboard or foam around your mic?

A dense material like cardboard stops room sound, but creates new direct reflections, causing severe acoustic effects.


A softer material like foam helps keep out the room’s high frequency reflections, but doesn’t do anything to stop the lows.

Only sE’s patented multi-layer technologies diffuse and absorb sound across the entire frequency spectrum, so the room reflections are filtered EVENLY - this means that your microphone still sounds like your microphone, even in the crucial midrange frequencies.
The sE Reflexion Filter®.
Often copied, never equaled.

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