sEssions: Asger Thomsen Quartet

Hear the Asger Thomsen Quartet perform a jazz improvisation live at Grapehouse Studios, featuring the following sE microphones:

Piano: sE4400a Stereo Pair
Upright Bass (close): RN17
Upright Bass (outside): Z5600a II
Tenor Saxophone: RNR1

Overheads: sE8 Stereo Pair
Snare: V7 X
Kick: T2


Sound: Frederik Brandt Jakobsen
Video: Morten Krogh

Live Sound, sE On Tour

Allen & Heath Adds sE Electronics to ProFactory Mic Presets

From the Allen & Heath website:

Allen & Heath is pleased to announce the availability of the latest ProFactory channel libraries for its Qu series digital mixers. Following successful collaborations with Audio-Technica, Shure, and Sennheiser, the new presets cover a range of popular sE Electronics microphones, including the V3, V7, VR, 4400a and RNR1.

ProFactory Mic Presets offer engineers of all abilities an ideal starting point to get the best possible sound quickly and easily. The team at Allen & Heath worked closely with sound engineer Frederik Brandt Jakobsen at sE Electronics who developed the optimal settings for each microphone and instrument combination.

“Convenience is key. On-board effects and snapshots are mandatory characteristics of today’s digital consoles. Allen & Heath have taken this one step further with the addition of ProFactory Presets to their Qu series,” says Toni Scherrenberg, Global Sales & Marketing Director at sE Electronics.

“We know the strengths of our products, and we have created a variety of awesome-sounding EQ settings for sE microphones.”

The presets are available now as a free download from the Qu series product pages HERE.


sEssions: Skyskraber

Watch Skyskraber perform 'Soil', recorded live in-studio at the Royal Danish Academy of Music, featuring the following sE gear:

Vocals (lead): V7
Vocals (backing: V3
Guitar amp: VR2 + V7 + guitaRF
Bass amp: T2

Kick: X1 D
Snare: V3
Toms: 4400a
Drum OH: RNR1 (x2)


Skyskraber on Facebook
Skyskraber on SoundCloud

Mix and master: Frederik Brandt Jakobsen
Video and edit: Morten Krogh