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New sE2200 Review from Bonedo: 5/5 Stars

"Yes, it is amazing how "big" and "noble" a microphone can sound for this price."

"In the fiercely competitive high-end budget microphones market, sE Electronics has once again brought the sE2200 up to date - and you can hear that! From the feared "cheap microphone highs hype" there is nothing to fear, the signal sounds again more "expensive" than before."

"Especially the high resolution of the so-important mids is amazing, here the microphone transmits with a pleasant lightness. It also provides enough "meat" to apply even strong filter curves in post-processing, without the signal becoming hollow and breaking."

"The sE Electronics sE2200 is an amazing microphone. It delivers a high resolution, an open, complete and slightly "modern" frequency response in the broad sweet spot and a functional equipment - for really very little money."


New Products

The X1 S Reviewed by Bonedo

"Good sound must be expensive? No!"

"Good sound must be expensive? No!"

Just two days after its announcement, the first X1 S review is in!

"Cons: None"

"Cons: None"

"Capsule: Made in China. Stop! Before anybody raises a cry of shame, something should be clarified. The sE company does not buy these capsules in one of the few OEM factories in China, putting their own logo on it. sE Electronics operate their own production in their own small factory, and this is located in Shanghai...this true condenser capsule with front center termination has therefore been specifically designed for the X1 S. The capsule is made of brass, not plastic."

"Even without pre-attenuation, the proportion of distortion products in the overall signal is only half a percent at 140 dB (SPL). With a two-stage pad one achieves values of 160 dB (SPL). This is enormous for a microphone of this price range."

" generates a flexible, technically accurate signal...required of a modern studio large diaphragm, but not necessarily [found] at this price range."

"in the bass, [it] does not become bulgy and spongy even with a small distance...The mids and centers have proper meat. Many instruments and voices get a great weight in the mix."

"Together with a brisk, dry transient reproduction, a clear, clean and completely detailed picture results in every case. Cheap condenser microphones often suffer from biting, edgy, and scrabbling heights. The X1 S also shows class here by being remarkably round, balanced and almost warm. Together with the uncolored and distortion-free character, the suitability as an all-rounder is again shown."

On off-axis response: "Even here the new sE mic is good. Particularly up to a distance of 90 degrees, there are no strong differences in level and phase, the naturally occurring high-frequency attenuation has a pleasantly smooth course, the sweet spot in front of the microphone is pleasantly large."

"[Self noise] is quiet, not just on paper...headroom is now really massive."

"If you want to buy a large-diaphragm condenser microphone with fixed cardioid characteristics, which fulfills many tasks without problems...if you want to have a high budget [sound] for a small budget...the X1 S is a 'must-hear'."


New Products

"...I can hardly find a flaw on this microphone."

The fantastic German publication Bonedo has published one of the world's first reviews of the X1 A, and we couldn't be more pleased with the results.

Here are a few quotations from the review, translated into English:


"The clip included with the sE Electronics X1 A is pleasing...a circumferential lip on the foot extension prevents the X1 A from slipping out of the holder. Whether upright or overhead, the microphone sits bomb-proof."

"The microphone itself makes an excellent impression... painting and printing promise a long service life without ugly wear signs."

"...the frequency pattern for me sounds very balanced and sounds almost noble. Especially when you consider that this microphone goes for a price of not even 100 Euros over the shop counter."

"In the bass, the X1 A is full...the microphone is well-suited for the recording of singers with strong vocal projection...[and] loud sound sources such as guitar amps are no problem."

"Even plosive sounds do not pose a major problem at medium miking distances."

"With the sE Electronics X1 A an all-rounder appears on the stage of favorite condenser microphones, which can convince all around...I can hardly find a flaw on this microphone. The X1 A can convince you of its balanced frequency response, rich bass, unobtrusive yet present mids, as well as gentle highs, features such as high-pass filter and pad, right up to the fantastic processing of the microphone."

"The microphone is particularly suitable for vocal recordings of 'sharp', very present-sounding voices and is undoubtedly worth every cent of its low purchase price. Therefore beginners find here a worthwhile first microphone, in order to implement their home recording ambitions at a very small cost. For recording friends, the X1 A is a good choice to expand the microphone cabinet..."