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The sE Laser on the 'Human Postcards' Documentary Series

We were recently contacted by a group using our Laser DSLR mic for a fascinating documentary project. Here's some text from their website:


HUMAN POSTCARDS is a series of one-minute portraits taking you into the lives and minds of a universal community, the often unnoticed “invisible” people.

Every person we meet, observe on the street, in a shop, behind a counter, and even the ones we don’t see, like the cherry picker behind the fruit or the dairy farmer behind our milk, have thoughts worth hearing, worlds worth seeing. We believe we have a lot to learn from them. Maybe you too ?


The producers behind the Human Postcards project were some of the first to use the sE Laser for a full documentary project, and they got in touch with us to explain why they'd become fans:

"We were really impressed with the Laser's performance on our new project HUMAN POSTCARDS. It's lightweight, durable and sounds great with our GH4. On our first HUMAN POSTCARD, Jerome, you can hear the mic in the final edit. We even chose the audio from the Laser over our usual shotgun mic + external recorder combo!"

This video below gives a more in-depth explanation of the Laser - you can also learn more on the Laser's page on our website.