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"...the indestructible ribbon mic?"

An email received on February 22nd, 2017:

To Whom It May Concern:
I work at Edinburgh College in our Music & Sound Production department, and we are big fans of your X1R ribbon mics (amongst other things).
We thought it was worth bringing to your attention our experiences with the X1R and how it copes with daily use from our students. These mics are used daily and are always in high demand, and such is the nature of student use, there is a range of different experience levels, capabilities, and occasional heavy hands…
But the X1R’s take this in their stride, and we’ve never had one fail.
That was, until today.
When we discovered one of them in its case looking like it does in the attached pictures.
It looked pretty bad, and some definite force had been involved to damage the capsule to that degree. We were almost certain that the delicate ribbon inside would not have had a chance to survive, as it looked like a heavy guitar amp had been dropped on it from a height, or a door closed forcefully on it.
So you can imagine our surprise when I plugged it in to test it, and it sounded as good as new!
No change, no internal damage, still sounding great, although looking like it had been through the wars.
I felt I had to send you a message to let you know how impressed we are with these mics, both in sound quality and in their obvious durability under heavy use.
So this one is now back in circulation (although looking slightly more bulbous after re-shaping the grille…) with our range of other mics, and will live see many more days, months, and years of use.
Thank you for making such a high-quality product, and I can whole-heartedly say that we would not hesitate to recommend these mics to anyone looking for a robust yet sweet sounding ribbon mic.
Kind regards,
Steve Galbraith
Learning Assistant, Production & Broadcast Media
Edinburgh College