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Tape Op Reviews the V SERIES for Drums


Tape Op Magazine is published every 2 months, and we’ve been waiting ever-so-patiently to read their review of our new V PACK ARENA…fortunately, it was WELL-worth the wait! Here are a few excerpts, but you should head on over to tapeop.com to read the full review!


on the V KICK

“Mixing and matching settings of the two voicing switches can provide four distinct tonalities, each with a solid bottom but varying degrees of midrange, high-mid, and high frequency presence.”

“I typically supplement my inside kick mic with a large diaphragm FET mic placed out in front of the resonant head for extra low end punch (as I did for these recordings), but I didn't wind up using the FET mic for my mixes, as the V KICK provided all the low end, body, and clarity that I needed.”

“Every drummer I recorded was pleased with their kick sound, and a few asked specifically about my setup – the V KICK really made me look like I knew what I was doing!”

“…I would suggest this mic to anyone in need of a new kick mic.”


on the V BEAT

“On close-mic'd snare, this broad low end boost really brought out the depth of the drum…in mixing, I found I could easily dig out the tones I needed.”

“While the sE mics output an almost identical level to an SM57, the transient response of the sE is better, which gives the sE mics a more lively and dynamic sound. Additionally, the sE mics respond well to slight changes in position, so I could dial in large changes of low end girth.”