sEssions: Skyskraber

Watch Skyskraber perform 'Soil', recorded live in-studio at the Royal Danish Academy of Music, featuring the following sE gear:

Vocals (lead): V7
Vocals (backing: V3
Guitar amp: VR2 + V7 + guitaRF
Bass amp: T2

Kick: X1 D
Snare: V3
Toms: 4400a
Drum OH: RNR1 (x2)


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Mix and master: Frederik Brandt Jakobsen
Video and edit: Morten Krogh



New sEssions coming soon.

We've got a BUNCH of new videos in production, and we can't wait to share them with you all.

As a teaser, here are a few photos from a recent video shoot we did in Copenhagen...

photo credit: Morten Krogh


New Products, Sound Samples

Gearslutz Reviews the V3 Dynamic

"That the V3 feels expensive, well-made, solid is not just cosmetic; in this case, it's an indicator that the designer and manufacturer have applied equal consideration to its sensitivity and voicing."

"That's the V3's character: forward, front and pushing on. I like it because it's effortless and honest."

"Not sure what else could have been added to improve it; the accessories are perfunctory but good quality. Excellent ergonomics; balanced in hand. Classy, trustworthy feel. Bevelled edge not a gimmick."

"With a quality mic in this price bracket, compromises might be expected, but none are evident."