sE In The Studio

Name-Dropped by Billy Gibbons

Have you seen the February 2016 issue of Guitar Player Magazine? One of our very favorite sE Artists, Billy Gibbons, made the cover - not for the first time, and certainly not for the last.

Guitar Player Magazine (p.66, February 2016 issue)

In his featured article he discusses ZZ Top, his new record 'Perfectamundo', his tone, his timbales, and the gear that makes up the guitar sounds on his new album:

"The recorded sound originates from a mix of some great amps and well-placed micophones...the new-on-the-scene ribbon diaphragm mics from sE Electronics took in the delivery, both up close, and away across the room. All good!"

In short: Billy likes his Voodoo Ribbons, and that makes us very happy.

Learn more about the mics here, more about Billy's new record here, and check out Billy's sE Artist page here.