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Video: How to Mic Acoustic and Electric Guitars

Our friends at Sam Ash Music were kind enough to take the time to make this video with Jonathan Pines (of Fingerprint Audio, our US Distributor) and some of our favorite guitar microphones: the VR1 and VR2 ribbons and the sE2200 condenser.

Jonathan has recorded guitars for Larry Coryell, Adrian Belew, Wilco and more, and he does a great job explaining how to listen to your instrument, pick the right mic, and experiment with mic placements to achieve a multitude of different tones.


New Products

Introducing the sE2300


Available since early summer in select countries, the new sE2300 is now finally available in the USA and the rest of the world.

Last year, we released an updated & refined version of our best-selling condenser, the sE2200. Now, we are proud to announce the sE2300, a multi-pattern version of the mic that first put us on the map almost 15 years ago with its smooth, polished sound for vocals, voiceovers and numerous instrumental applications.

The sE2300 features a handcrafted true condenser capsule, three patterns, two attenuation pads, two low-cut filters, and the same class-A discrete circuitry and robust output transformer as its cardioid sibling. This preserves the clarity and “larger than life” tonality beloved by thousands of customers worldwide, while adding both omnidirectional and figure-8 polar patterns in addition to the original cardioid pattern to dramatically increase its versatility.

The sE2300 is now available through authorized sE Electronics distributors and dealers worldwide, with a street price of $399.00 USD. It ships standard with the sE Isolation Pack quick-lock shock mount and adjustable metal pop filter.

Click here for more information on the sE2300.

sE In The Studio Reviews the sE2200 and V7 X


"What immediately stands out is the low background noise and the high output of the microphone, I did not have to turn up the microphone pre-stage of my Motu 828x very far. That means the sE2200 does well on less strong preamps, adding to its universal appeal...overall, a very successful microphone."


V7 X:

"Fresh, present, crisp. To my ears, a great microphone...sE Electronics calls it primarily an instrument microphone, which I would confirm by and large, but to my ears it does quite well for some vocals."

"Although they are affordable without major financial spend (especially the V7 X) and thus are a good choice especially for beginners, they are also are an asset to a professional microphone collection."


New Products

New sE2200 Review from Bonedo: 5/5 Stars

"Yes, it is amazing how "big" and "noble" a microphone can sound for this price."

"In the fiercely competitive high-end budget microphones market, sE Electronics has once again brought the sE2200 up to date - and you can hear that! From the feared "cheap microphone highs hype" there is nothing to fear, the signal sounds again more "expensive" than before."

"Especially the high resolution of the so-important mids is amazing, here the microphone transmits with a pleasant lightness. It also provides enough "meat" to apply even strong filter curves in post-processing, without the signal becoming hollow and breaking."

"The sE Electronics sE2200 is an amazing microphone. It delivers a high resolution, an open, complete and slightly "modern" frequency response in the broad sweet spot and a functional equipment - for really very little money."