sE On Tour

sE On Tour with Alejandro Escovedo

Over the last few years sE’s been showing up on more and more stages worldwide, and we were just sent some photos from a recent Alejandro Escovedo show in Austin, TX - check them out!

He’s been using the V7 on vocals, the VR2 ribbon on electric guitar, the V KICK on floor tom, and the sE4400a Stereo Pair for drum OHs.

(Big thanks to Josh Thomas for the photos.)

sE In The Studio

Spotify Studios and sE Electronics

With over 100 million users worldwide, Spotify is a household name in just about every country in the world. Their NYC offices are home to the world-class Spotify Studios, which has produced hundreds of recordings over the last several years for the Spotify Singles series, with artists ranging from John Legend to Sting, Miley Cyrus to Maggie Rogers, Ed Sheeran to Tony Bennett - the list goes on, with over 1.5 billion streams to date.

In 2018, Spotify Studios’ mic locker was upgraded with a large assortment of mics from sE Electronics, including the entire sE / Rupert Neve Signature Series. In these videos, Chief Engineer William Garrett sits down with us to discuss his recording philosophies, and how sE microphones are utilized to achieve the studio's musical pursuits.





sE On Tour, Live Sound

sE Electronics On Tour with Fleet Foxes

American indie folk band Fleet Foxes have spent much of the last two years on the road in support of their latest album, ‘Crack-Up’, and sE Electronics microphones and Reflexion Filters have been on stage the entire time.

Front of House Engineer Jake McLaughlin says, “We used the sE V7s and V7 Xs, VR1 and VR2 ribbons, sE4400a’s, sE5 and guitaRF Reflexion Filters for every one of our 150+ shows mixing Fleet Foxes in 2017 and 2018. These were our favorite mics to use on the majority of our 56 inputs – definitely our go-to for a great live mix both in theaters and large festivals venues alike.”

Fleet Foxes' FOH Engineer Jake McLaughlin (L) and Monitor Engineer David Gaume (R).

The band is well-known for their complex vocal harmonies, and sE’s V7 and V7 X mics have been in use every night for each band member’s vocal mics. McLaughlin notes, “They provide a clear vocal sound that’s very easy to get on top of the mix. We loved their very mid-forward curve and presence – that paired with the tight pattern made them a perfect choice.”

For guitar amplifiers, McLaughlin has been implementing sE’s guitaRF Reflexion Filters with passive VR1 and active VR2 ribbons. “The guitaRFs really help clean things up, and the ribbons kept the sometimes-harsh top end under control and easier to manage – and we also loved the VR2s as drum kit overheads, providing a shiny yet buttery top end for the cymbals.” His multi-pattern sE4400a mics were used on “everything from acoustic upright piano and harmonium to ambience mics”, and even as a “mid kit omni overhead channel”.

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