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Kenny Chesney: On Tour with the V7 MC1

Monitor Engineer Phillip "SidePhill" Robinson and FOH Engineer Chris Rabold, on using the V7 MC1 capsule live with Kenny Chesney.

FUN FACT: The all-black version of the V7 MC1 (appropriately named the “V7 MC1 BLACK”) was originally created specifically for Kenny, and is now available worldwide through our official reseller network.


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The sE8 at EMM (Electronic Music Midwest)

We were recently sent some photos of a number of sE8 small-diaphragm condensers in use at Lewis University in Romeoville, IL USA at Electronic Music Midwest, an electroacoustic and art / electronic music festival co-organized by Kansas City Kansas Community College and Lewis University.

“The mics were used to either amplify acoustic instruments in the theater performance space, or to pick up instrument sounds for real-time computer processing during the three days and nine concerts. The mics sounded (and looked) great, and contributed to the fact that the invited composers, their performers, and audience had nothing but good things to say about the sound during the 3 day event!”

“The sE8’s smooth frequency response and warm sound meant minimal EQ was needed to capture natural sounding acoustic instruments, and minimized feedback problems so we could get the gain we needed even with the mics set up in front of the main L R and C speakers of the 8.1 surround sound speaker system, as it is set up for this event in that venue.”

Dr. Ian Corbett
Professor of Audio Engineering & Music Technology
Kansas City Kansas Community College

Here are some photos taken during soundcheck:

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The V7 with Ding Wei at Blue Note Beijing

Here are a few photos of Chinese star vocalist Ding Wei performing earlier this week at Blue Note Beijing - you can see our V7s everywhere these days!