sE Electronics Launches Dynamic Duo with V Series, Expands X1 Series with X1 A

Rohnert Park, California, USA - For this year’s AES Show in Los Angeles, sE Electronics is proud to announce the X1 A, a new entry point to their acclaimed X1 Series designed to be the best-in-class offering on the market for home recordists and bringing the heritage of the X1 Series to an expanded user base worldwide. On the live sound front, sE has also announced a pair of dynamic microphones – a first for the company, known primarily for their industry-standard Reflexion Filters® and hand-crafted condensers. According to sE, the new V7 supercardioid dynamic and V3 cardioid dynamic offer “exceptionally low handling noise, a more natural sound, and higher gain before feedback than other mics in their class”.

The X1 A utilizes a newly-developed acoustic design with a carefully selected condenser capsule, low noise electronics, an integrated windscreen, and a gold-plated XLR connector. Just like the acclaimed X1 condenser, it also includes a switchable attenuation pad & low-cut filter and a robust all-metal chassis. According to sE’s Product Manager Thomas Stubics, “The whole team has been working very hard on this completely new acoustic design, which delivers an impressively pristine sound that one would expect from a much more expensive product. The new X1 A delivers not only best-in-class sound quality at its price point, but also convinces with its useful features, high dynamic range, and impressive workmanship.”

The X1 A will arrive in stores worldwide in October 2016, with an MSRP of $129 USD / €129 EUR. It ships with a newly designed mic clip and mic stand thread adapter, and is fully compatible with sE’s Isolation Pack shockmount.

Though their studio condensers and Reflexion Filters are already utilized by many high-profile touring acts like Linkin Park and Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, the V Series marks a direct foray for sE into the live sound world, and their first dynamic microphones. Both the V7 and V3 have all-metal housings and beveled spring steel grilles, internal windscreens & patented integrated capsule mounts to offer excellent sound, superior reliability, and impressively low handling noise. The V7 is a supercardioid model with a specialized aluminum voice coil custom-developed for a “crisp, open vocal sound”, while the V3 is a cardioid model intended for general use on any voice or instrument.

The V7 has an MSRP of $129 USD / €129 EUR, and the V3 an MSRP of $89 USD / €89 EUR. Both will begin shipping in October 2016, and come complete with a carrying pouch, mic stand clip & thread adapter.

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Founded in California in 2000, sE Electronics is a manufacturer of high-end microphones & studio accessories used by some of the world’s biggest artists, the inventor of the industry-standard Reflexion Filter® Pro, and the first-ever company to develop a microphone series with audio legend Mr. Rupert Neve. By dedicating their resources to hand-crafting their equipment with excellence and care, sE seeks to blur the line between “affordable” and “professional”, bringing a higher standard of recording and performance quality to all. 

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sE Electronics Announces Hardware Upgrade for Any Existing Reflexion Filter® Pro

If you own an sE Reflexion Filter® Pro, you can now purchase a hardware upgrade to simplify its ease of use, increase stability, and provide better overall performance and durability.

The original Reflexion Filter® Pro.

In 2006, sE Electronics released the original Reflexion Filter® Pro and created a whole new market of portable acoustic treatment devices. Ten years and six different sE Reflexion Filter products later, the company has sold over 120,000 units worldwide. In May of this year, sE introduced a special 10th Anniversary Reflexion Filter® Pro, limited to 1000 pieces worldwide. This commemorative RF Pro included completely redesigned mounting hardware, which has now been made commercially available due to popular demand.

The new Reflexion Filter Pro Mounting Bracket Upgrade Kit is now available for purchase through authorized sE distributors worldwide at a retail price of MSRP $49.90 USD / €49.90 EUR. Customers who have purchased a Reflexion Filter Pro within the last 12 months are eligible for a 25% discount with proof of purchase.

This new hardware is compatible with any existing Reflexion Filter Pro manufactured between 2006 and 2016. For more on the Reflexion Filter® Pro Mounting Bracket Upgrade Kit from sE Electronics, please visit http://

Catfish and the Bottlemen and the sE guitaRF

Tuesday, October 27th, 2015 - For Immediate Release: Catfish and the Bottlemen, the hugely popular guitar-driven UK rock band, have just finished a fast and heavy tour of the US. On this tour, their FOH engineer Mike Woodhouse took his new guitaRF® Reflexion Filter® from sE Electronics on the road for the first time, and is immensely pleased with the results.

Woodhouse says, “I've been using ribbon microphones on guitars for some time, and due to the nature of my ribbon microphone of choice, I've always end up picking up a lot of unwanted stage noise from its figure-of-eight pattern.” He initially tried to combat this by taping up the rear of the microphone, which he said was somewhat effective, “but that changed the tone dramatically, and for the worse. This is when I got thinking about either ditching the microphone altogether, or using something that would help reduce noise whilst keeping the tone intact - which brings me to sE.”

Initially, Woodhouse considered bringing along sE’s RF SPACE, as he’d used it in studio situations for this purpose. However, “it would have been too big and cumbersome to take on tour.” After a bit of browsing he discovered the guitaRF, designed by sE after seeing their Reflexion Filters on stage amps for artists including Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Paramore, and My Morning Jacket.

“It looked like a perfect contender for the job. Small, touring-friendly and I could even double-mic my guitar cabs too…winner! The design is lightweight yet extremely robust; it can be dismantled for touring with ease and does the job to absolute perfection.” Woodhouse now uses a total of three guitaRFs on all of the band’s main guitar cabinets.

“In the past I’ve had trouble getting the guitars sitting nicely on top of the mix due to the stage noise, but with these filters I can get the boys’ guitars screaming over any PA without worry of feedback or unwanted stage noise coming from out front. The beauty of having the rubber grommet in the center of the filter means I can keep both my microphones in the same position, knowing they won’t move or be aligned slightly out of phase, ever!”

“All in all, sE have created something for the live market that should be in practice for every touring band. I mean, why wouldn't you want studio sound quality in an entirely live sound environment?”


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sE Electronics Appoints Focusrite As Exclusive UK Distributor

Tuesday, September 15th, 2015 - For Immediate Release

sE Electronics International, Inc. has appointed Focusrite Audio Engineering as exclusive UK distributor for sE’s entire line of microphones, patented Reflexion Filter® products, and studio accessories.

"We are very pleased to announce that we have appointed Focusrite Audio Engineering as our distributor for the United Kingdom,” says Ling Zou, General Manager for sE Electronics. “The Focusrite brand has an outstanding name in the industry, and their worldwide success is a testament to the drive and ambition that flows through the company. We are very confident that their experienced team will continue the success story of sE Electronics in the UK."

Siwei Zou, Founder & CEO of sE Electronics, adds: "Focusrite are a worldwide brand in our industry, and I am very excited to welcome them to our still-growing family of distributors."

Neil Johnston, UK Sales & Marketing Manager for Focusrite commented, “We are extremely happy to be adding sE Electronics to our portfolio. The brand fits well into our existing UK model and creates a new range of opportunities for our already established dealer network. Focusrite are always working to deliver a complete solution for the channel. We feel sure our partners will be excited about the new partnership and we look forward to continuing the success already achieved in the UK.”

Founded in 1985, Focusrite is based at Windsor House, Turnpike Road, High Wycombe, Bucks HP12 3FX, United Kingdom. They can be reached via email at, or by phone at +44 1494 462246.

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sE Electronics Celebrates 15th Anniversary with Massive Giveaway

June 30th, 2015 - Shanghai, China.
For Immediate Release.

sE Electronics was founded in the year 2000, and 2015 marks their fifteenth year hand-building studio microphones and accessories such as their well-known X1, 2200a and Gemini II condenser microphones, and the now-ubiquitous Reflexion Filter® series. To celebrate these fifteen years, the company is pleased to announce their largest promotion yet – over ninety individual giveaways throughout the rest of the year, comprised of fifteen pieces of sE gear each month from July through December 2015.

The contest is open for entry to anyone worldwide, but existing customers can earn bonus entries by sharing photos or video of their sE gear over social networks - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube - with the hashtag “#sEturnsfifteen”.

To further increase one’s odds of winning, anyone who purchases new sE equipment between July 1st and December 20th will receive additional bonus entries simply by registering their new equipment on the sE website:

The contest begins on July 1st, 2015, with fifteen X1 large-diaphragm condenser microphones to be given away throughout the course of the month. To read more details and enter to win, please visit the contest entry page:


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