How do you make a home studio sound like a professional studio?

With an sE Reflexion Filter® - the original portable vocal booth.

Building a proper vocal booth is expensive, time-consuming, and space-consuming. And let’s face it - putting acoustic treatment in your living room, bedroom, closet or garage isn’t always the most aesthetically-pleasing home decor.

But to get great-sounding vocals at home, you need to filter sound reflections from the room, creating a more “dry” sounding space, and you need some sort of acoustic treatment solution to make it sound truly professional.

Since sE invented the industry-standard Reflexion Filter PRO in 2006, it has brought studio-quality vocals to over 200,000 rooms all over the world, and the RF-X, guitaRF and flagship SPACE filter continue its success.


sE Reflexion Filters utilize our advanced, patented multi-layer technologies to create a balanced, acoustically neutral environment around your mic.


This means they don’t affect the sound of your microphone or your source - especially in the crucial midrange frequencies, which can happen with imitation “reflection filters” and “vocal shields” from other brands.

So why can't you just use a material like cardboard or foam around your mic?

A dense material like cardboard stops room sound, but creates new direct reflections, causing severe acoustic effects.


A less dense material like foam helps keep out the room’s high frequency reflections, but doesn’t do anything to stop the lows.

Only sE’s patented multi-layer technologies diffuse and absorb sound across the entire frequency spectrum, so the room reflections are filtered EVENLY.

Often copied, never equaled.

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