Please note: The RF10 is no longer in production, but some units may still be available for purchase through some of our dealers worldwide.
Often copied. Never equaled.

A very special 10th Anniversary Limited Edition of the industry-standard Reflexion Filter® PRO.

The original Reflexion Filter® Pro.

In 2006, we invented the Reflexion Filter - and with it, a whole new category of recording equipment. In the last ten years, over 120,000 RF products have been sold worldwide.

We've seen our RFs in the studio with artists ranging from legendary hip-hop producer Dr. Dre to film score composer / producer Simon Franglen (‘Titanic’, ‘Avatar’, ‘Spectre’), from Tom Petty performances on stage to Blake Shelton sessions in the Hollywood Hills, and even to The White House (in First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Go To College” music video).

The original RF Pro has remained the indisputable industry standard for simple, portable, effective acoustic treatment for recording vocals and more. So, to commemorate the last ten years and countless records produced with the original RF, we've made a special 10th Anniversary Edition just for you, limited to 1,000 pieces worldwide.


The Anniversary Edition utilizes the same proven technology found in the original RF Pro.

This provides a clean, acoustically-neutral reduction in room reflections that make it to your microphone - essentially removing the sound of the room from your recordings in as unobtrusive and efficient a manner as possible.


Unlike cheap foam RF imitations, each layer works on a different portion of the frequency spectrum to ensure a balanced, even sound with no coloration at all.


Though the layered construction is essentially the same as the classic RF Pro, the Anniversary Edition includes a special layer of red acoustic fabric behind the immediately recognizable perforated metal rear panel, and a custom-engraved metal logo badge.

The filter’s shell and hardware have also been given a special black finish for a distinctive and upscale look, and the mounting hardware has undergone a complete redesign (based on the hardware of our flagship RF SPACE) to simplify ease of use, increase stability, and provide better overall performance and durability.



Click here to view / download the assembly manual:


  • Reflexion Filter® Pro: 10th Anniversary Edition

  • Mounting bracket

  • Screw wrench

  • Mic stand thread adapter

  • Official Signed Certificate


"Everyone should have one."

- Ryan Hewitt, Producer / Engineer (Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Avett Brothers) - sE Artist

"I use it to keep the bad out and the good in. On vocals in certain rooms, on guitar cabs, and even on drums (floor toms and kicks)."

- F. Reid Shippen, GRAMMY®-winning Mixer / Engineer / Producer (India.Arie, Ingrid Michaelson, Jonny Lang) - sE Artist

"The filter doesn’t seem to change the tonality of the vocals at’s the closest thing I have found to having consistency when recording in several environments. It simply levels the acoustic playing field, regardless of where I decide to record."

- Scott Hendricks, EVP A&R Warner Music Nashville / producer (Blake Shelton, Faith Hill, Trace Adkins, Alan Jackson, Brooks & Dunn) - sE Artist

"The Reflexion Filter has made a big impact on the quality of our home recordings. Never again will an amazing vocal take be marred by intermittent meowing or the sound of the fridge!"

- Tegan and Sara, pop musicians - sE Artist

"I’ve used them on vocals and instruments alike where I either need more isolation from other sounds/instruments in the room, or I don’t like the character of the room and I’m trying to minimize the amount of room sound pulled into the mic."

"You can never have enough tools and tricks to get the job done. This is exactly the kind of tool that, once you have it, you’ll use it over and over."

- Neal Cappellino, GRAMMY®-winning producer/engineer (Brad Paisley, Vince Gill, Alison Krauss & Union Station) - sE Artist

"I like to do vocals in the control room - much more direct interaction with the vocalist, so it's perfect for that. With so many of us working in all sorts of situations these days, the Reflexion Filter transforms any of these into a viable recording environment."

"I also think it's a wonderful device for students to know and learn about, to hear the difference with and without the filter. All audio schools should have them."

- Lenise Bent, Producer / Engineer (Blondie, Steely Dan, Supertramp, The Band, Fleetwood Mac)

"The Reflexion Filter makes a huge difference in small recording spaces that are more and more the norm..."

- Andy Bradfield, Producer (David Bowie, David Gray, Rufus Wainwright)

"Trust me, they will change your recording process for the better."

- Ricky Lawson, Drummer (Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, Whitney Houston)

"After using this, I instantly realized how many problems I had in my booth, because all of a sudden they weren't there anymore." 

"As far as clarity is concerned, the filter made the biggest difference."

"Everybody should get this product if you're thinking about recording anything. Because it's going to take you to the next level of professional and quality recordings."

"Best option on the market other than an actual vocal booth/room."

"It did two things: one, made capturing my instrument's true sound much easier, and two, saved me lots of money."

"I was pretty skeptical when I bought this, but I finally gave in after listening closely to recordings I've made in my living room. I would now say that this is a must have for any project studio with an untreated room."

"You need this even if you don't think you do. Bottom line: I didn't know how good my equipment could sound until I got this little fellow."

- Assorted Sweetwater Customers (full list of reviews here)