Reflexion Filter PRO Portable Vocal Booth - Patent No. US 8,191,678

Reflexion Filter PRO Portable Vocal Booth - Patent No. US 8,191,678

The sE Electronics RF-Pro is the original reflexion filter!

The Reflexion Filter Pro utilises sE’s patented multi-layer technology to offer a truly portable vocal booth that will isolate your microphone from unwanted room noise without colouring the sound. The RF-Pro is composed of nine layers, which all contribute to ensure that you get less of the sound you don’t want and more of the sound you do. The RF-Pro comes with an adjustable heavy-duty microphone stand clamp and vertical bar for attaching any standard-fitting shock mount.

Check out our animated video below to find out exactly how the RF-Pro's 9 layers work:

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Patent No. US 8,191,678 

The RF-Pro consists of nine layers of sE's patented Multi-Layer Air-Gap technology. The layers are:

1. Punched Aluminium Diffusor

2. Acoustic Grade Wool Absorber

3. Tensioned Aluminium Foil Membrane Diffusor

4. Isolating Air Gap

5. Tensioned Aluminium Foil Membrane Diffusor

6. Acoustic Grade Wool Absorber

7. Polycarbonate Diffusor

8. Asymmetric Isolating Air Gaps

9. Patented Polyester Acoustic Fibreboard


Box Contents:

1 x RF-Pro Reflexion Filter

1 x Support Rod

1 x Stand Assembly

1 x Spanner to fit the Support Rod

1 x Reflexion Filter Manual

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Product Manual

pdf sE Reflexion Filter Manual

Product Specification

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