The RF-X is an instant vocal booth for any home studio.

Unwanted room sound interfering with your recordings? With the RF-X, anyone can capture a great-sounding recording anywhere.

Using the same US-patented design technology as the industry standard Reflexion Filter PRO, the new RF-X has been conceived to answer the needs of the discerning recording artist working on a budget. With a new lightweight body and redesigned lightweight clamp assembly, the RF-X is simplicity itself, providing unbeatable performance and ease-of-use.

New materials have been developed to make the RF-X lighter than its predecessors but also to maintain its durability – helping to position RF-X as a versatile product suited for any challenging working environment. It features a four-layer acoustic filter design comprised of the outer composite panel itself, a wool fabric layer, an air gap layer and an inner acoustic foam layer.

This multi-layer design differentiates the RF-X from its competitors by filtering frequencies evenly across the whole spectrum, helping to ensuring that recordings exhibit almost zero sound coloration when using the filter.



The X1 Studio Bundle

A microphone + RF package that gives you everything you need to start recording.


"This is the perfect tool for an in-home recording set up. I had a great, simple set up in my last apartment but recently moved. The new apartment is very small with no clear space for VO my studio. I have had to create some sound proofing panels, which are working fine, but I still needed something to catch the reflected sound off of my big computer screen at my desk. This does the trick perfectly. Just wish I'd known about it sooner."

- 'RH', B&H customer (full review via B&H)

on the Reflexion Filter™ Series:

"Everyone should have one."

- Ryan Hewitt, Producer/Engineer (Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Avett Brothers, Flogging Molly)

"The Reflexion Filter makes a huge difference in small recording spaces that are more and more the norm..."

- Andy Bradfield, Producer (David Bowie, David Gray, Rufus Wainwright)

"Trust me, they will change your recording process for the better."

- Ricky Lawson, Drummer (Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, Whitney Houston)

"After using this, I instantly realized how many problems I had in my booth, because all of a sudden they weren't there anymore." 

"As far as clarity is concerned, the filter made the biggest difference."

"Everybody should get this product if you're thinking about recording anything. Because it's going to take you to the next level of professional and quality recordings."

"Best option on the market other than an actual vocal booth/room."

"It did two things: one, made capturing my instrument's true sound much easier, and two, saved me lots of money."

"I was pretty skeptical when I bought this, but I finally gave in after listening closely to recordings I've made in my living room. I would now say that this is a must have for any project studio with an untreated room."

"You need this even if you don't think you do. Bottom line: I didn't know how good my equipment could sound until I got this little fellow."

- Assorted Sweetwater Customers (full list of reviews here)