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Welcome to sE Electronics and sE Rupert Neve Microphones. sE’s commitment to our end users is that we build the very best, hand crafted, product that we are able to at each price point and work on much lower margins than other brands so we can give you a better quality product.

We rely on our own customers to tell the world just how good our products really are… that’s why sE mics are used by more studios, project studios, musicians, bands, producers and engineers over any other mic manufacturer in the UK and why we are the fastest growing major microphone brand in the world today.

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Alternatively, click on a product directly below. Ths is a list of all products within the sE Microphones category. Please note that this category only features current sE microphone products. Please visit sE Legacy Mics via the "Products" tab if you wish to know more about our legacy microphones.

If you have any questions regarding any of the hand built sE Electronics and sE Rupert Neve microphones or you need advice on which sE microphone best suites your requirements, or you wish to find out more about our Free Loan Service and 20 Year Warranty, please get in touch.