sE Electronics Reflexion Filters - Patent No. US 8,191,678

The sE Reflexion Filter Pro is the original portable vocal booth and reflection filter. The sE Reflexion Filter Pro, Project Studio Reflexion Filter and Instrument Reflexion Filter all use our patented multi-layer technology. In the video below, James-Ishmaev Young of sE Electronics explains how the sE Reflexion Filter works and why other 'reflection filters' just don't. Grab a coffee and take a moment to understand why portable vocal booths from other manufacturers are not the same and can actually damage your recordings.

Just under 200,000 sE Reflexion Filters have been sold worldwide. If you are a proud sE Reflexion Filter owner, be it a Reflexion Filter Pro, Project Studio Reflexion Filter, RF-X or sE Instrument Reflexion Filter, we'd love to see how you use it to improve your recordings! Share your pics and stories with us on Facebook or tweet us @se_electronics, or you can e-mail the picture with details of the session and any websites you would like us to link to (for example your studio or band website) to so we can share on your behalf and raise the profile of your recordings.

Patent No. US 8,191,678