Vevo dscvr

London - UK

Splitting his time between studios and location recording, Alex works with clients in a number of different environments; one week recording an EP, another, live sessions for YouTube. 

Heading up audio for the Vevo dscvr platform, Alex has worked with a number of up and coming artists, making over 200 videos for nearly 300,000 subscribers. 


On the V7 MC1 for vocals:

"Hand-down best wireless vocal sound we’ve ever had.”

“The even sound across the frequency range has made it my go-to capsule on the Axient system. The smoothness in the lows and lack of problematic proximity effect teamed with no harshness in upper mids give a sound comparable to a studio recording made with an LDC but with all the convenience of a wireless handheld…”


On a pair of VR1s for drum overheads:

"My gosh! Amazing. They’ve made the drum recordings shine. I’ve in fact found myself using way less sample replacement on kicks, snares and toms as a result too."


“It's also one of my favorite mics on a guitar cab, and has been excelling on acoustic guitars (and drums). Never too bright, always incredibly natural sounding.”

Recording Leon Bridges' acoustic with the VR1.


On the guitaRF:

"Being able to have two mics set up (a VR1 and an SM57), so accurately and so easily, combined with the acoustic improvements the guitaRF provides, has changed how I track electric guitar."

"I would previously reach straight for Guitar Rig or similar, just for the ease, especially when demo’ing, but now, its easier to use my microphones and the end result is so much better for it!”


On the 2200a:

“The sE2200a was the first ‘proper’ mic I ever bought, nearly 10 years ago, and is still the main LDC microphone I use. For vocals, as another flavor on guitar, even Kick Out and some other creative uses - behind the sound hole on an acoustic guitar, it can capture some really nice low end." (video below)


“The RF Pro can do more than just change the sound around your vocal mic - I like experimenting with it on a number of different sources”.