Brooklyn, NY - USA

Josh Turner is a singer, multi-instrumentalist, arranger & engineer best known for his YouTube channel of almost 75 million views.


He plays original music as well as inventive covers spanning a diverse range of genres and time periods, gaining him a wide audience and millions of YouTube views. In 2017 he released his new self-produced album "Fools" with his band The Other Favorites.


"I have used my 2200 primarily as a vocal mic, and have found pleasing results on a broad range of vocal timbres. Its subtly vintage yet highly detailed sound plays great with both solid state and tube preamps."

"My favorite signal chain so far has been sending this through the dirty preamps on a '90s 4-track tape machine - does wonders to fatten my voice. Also makes a great 'mid' microphone for recording acoustic guitar and voice simultaneously in mid-side. I've gotten good results on steel string, nylon and 12-string guitars, mandolins, horns, violin, drum OH and especially voice."


When in doubt on how to get the tone I'm looking for, I always try this mic first, and rarely need to reach for a second."

on the VR2:

"The Goldilocks ribbon. Not too dark, not condenser bright, just right. I've loved it on lead vocal, violin, drum overhead, guitar cabs, and even in a spaced pair on renaissance lute. No source has been too loud or too quiet."


on the sE8:

"Dead quiet, dead honest. Small enough to be positioned in awkward spaces. For when your sound source is just right as is."


"The sE2200 - quash it as a mono drum overhead - I promise you won't be disappointed."