Portland, OR - USA

"I'm a recording artist based out of Portland, Oregon, and the principal songwriter and singer for the band Typhoon."

"More recently, I have collaborated on a film project called Book of Matches with Portland filmmaker Matthew Thomas Ross and released my first solo effort, What Will Destroy You."


"We started out the solo record using a multitude of different mics and slowly, but surely shaved it down to the point where we were using the 4400a almost exclusively for just about everything - vocals, electric and acoustic guitar, drums, you name it."


Get the album on Bandcamp.


More from Paul Laxer, Kyle's collaborator who has recorded Kyle with and without Typhoon:

"I'm a producer and audio engineer based in Portland Oregon. I've been working with Typhoon since 2009. Earlier this year Kyle and I collaborated on his solo album, What Will Destroy You. We recorded it in my living room and we mixed it together."

"I regularly use the RN17s, 4400a, and Reflexion Filters. I'm a big fan of the RN17 on acoustic guitar, piano, room mics, and strings. They have a luxurious top-end that I would usually achieve with a Pultec style EQ." 

"I also had a pair of 4400s for the recording of WWDY. We put them to work on everything - especially vocals and drums. Also, the build quality of these microphones is amazing."


Kyle: "The hypercardioid setting for mic'ing electric guitar amps is extremely tasty."