Paste Magazine

New York City, NY - USA

Paste, a monthly music and entertainment magazine in the USA, has been beloved by musicians and music-lovers alike since its inception in 2002.

In 2015, they opened a small studio in Manhattan to capture intimate acoustic performances on video from artists coming through New York City. Most of these performances are captured with a single microphone - the sE Gemini II - which serves both as the studio's visual centerpiece and as their flagship vocal microphone. The walls surrounding the solitary Gemini II are lined with master tapes of past Wolfgang's Vault Concert Vault sessions.

"The sE Gemini II is both the beauty and the beast. It demands attention, both visually in the studio, and aurally in the mix. With its clarity and detail, it's an easy go-to choice for vocals and much more."

"The thing that, in a way surprises (and also doesn't surprise) me is how much gravity it has sitting atop the mic stand. People are pulled in towards it as they step into the studio; everyone stares at it, everyone asks about it. Before anyone's even heard it they're psyched to sing into it. It has an allure, an appeal. Makes my job easier! Can't beat that."
- Bob Mallory, Chief Engineer @ Paste Magazine