King Crimson, Terry Bozzio, Steve Morse, Tay Zonday, Alexia, Tony Levin, Nels Cline, Steve Stevens, Ulver, Chucho Valdes

Los Angeles, CA - USA

Ronan Chris Murphy is a wildly eclectic producer / engineer that splits his time between Los Angeles and Europe where he regularly works with artists from around the world.

He was one of the world’s first audio bloggers and is also the founder of Recording Boot Camp, a business that offers studio consulting and training services and helped pioneer the concept of the "one week recording workshop".


Ronan's assistant Sparky helps demonstrate vocal recording techniques with the X1.

"It is no small secret that I am generally not a fan of low cost condenser mics, but the X1 has been an exception to that rule. It is the only low cost condenser that is a regular part of my production work."


Ronan's assistant Sparky watches while Ronan sets up the X1 on high-hat.

"The X1 has become a favorite for high hats at my studio. It provides a nice sheen without getting harsh."

"It also goes up in every vocal mic shoot out we do for artists. On some artists the sE X1 beats out mics costing more than 10 times as much."


The control room at Ronan's Los Angeles-based studio.