Athens, Greece

SiXforNinE is an alternative metal band from Athens, Greece. In 2015 SiXforNinE  released their debut self-titled album “Sixfornine” and performed many shows, sharing the stage with bands such as Monster Magnet, Fates Warning, and Leprous.

In 2016, the band was chosen by Red Bull to record an episode for their extremely popular See. Hear. Now. and perform 2 of their songs live. As the band continued to write additional songs for a second album into 2017, they were asked to be a part of producer Sylvia Massy‘s (Tool, System of A Down, Red Hot Chili Peppers) masterclass which took place at Sierra Studios in Athens.

In mid-2017, SiXforNinE entered DevasoundZ Studios in Athens, Greece to record their second full-length album, “Parallel Universe” (2019 release) that was produced by Fotis Benardo , mixed by Paul Pavao (Disturbed, Stone Temple Pilots, Breaking Benjamin), and mastered by Tom Baker (Rob Zombie, Nine Inch Nails, Motley Crue).


With SiXforNinE we record many layers of vocals in the studio that we also have to perform on stage. We exclusively use the V7 and V7 X vocal mics for that purpose."

“What we love about the V7 series is that they sound natural and can really handle the abuse of a metal band on stage.”

“We play loud - and by loud, we mean “Motorhead loud” - and they are the only mics that they don’t feed back even at extreme volumes!!”


“For a great guitar tone we use a combination of the V7 and the VR1. The VR1 provides all the nice low end, and captures a very natural tone of the body of the guitar and the air that a big 4x12 cabinet pushes. The V7 has a nice midrange bite that adds clarity and definition. That way we don’t even have to use any post EQ, we just change the balance between those two mics depending on the tone we are after.”