Vienna - Austria

Titus Vadon lives and works in Vienna, Austria. His focuses are music production for movies and original recorded instruments.

In his music productions he preferably arranges and records acoustic instruments, mostly singer/songwriter and world music.

For movie scores he composes, records and mixes also predominantly original instruments and "lots of garbage for noises and loops."


"These microphones are giving back a real natural sound, that's why I am using them...the VR2 on soprano sax is a real killer - it lets the instrument sound like what it is."


"I love to use the Z5600a for close ambience at the drum set. The position is in front of the drummer's right knee, above the bass drum pedal beater, beside the snare drum."

"The microphone is in figure-8. It gives a picture of the whole drum set, and you can push the drum set sound at the mix. It gives more punch or you can add colour, like a heavy compressed and distorted sound. Like!"


"And with the V7, singing behind the drums is not a problem anymore. Besides the fantastic sound, the V7 isolates my voice perfectly from the drums, and now it's possible to record my vocals while drumming."


VR2 - soprano sax, electric guitar, violin, drum OHs
4400a - percussion, bottom snare, acoustic guitar
sE4 - acoustic guitar, drum OHs, noises & ambience, mallets
Z5600a II - voice, acoustic guitar, cello, upright bass, drums (close ambience)
V7 - voice, instruments