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sE Electronics Introduces Newly Revamped X1 S Condenser Microphone and Bundles


New for Musikmesse 2017, sE Electronics is proud to announce the X1 S, an updated and refined version of their best-selling X1 condenser microphone.

With expanded features, completely overhauled circuit design, and superior performance - including the highest dynamic range and SPL handling capabilities in its class - the X1 S is the first major update to the X1 since its introduction in 2010.

Utilizing a hand-crafted gold-sputtered large-diaphragm condenser capsule manufactured by sE in their own capsule room, plus the same robust all-metal chassis design as its predecessor, the X1 S now includes two low-cut filters (switchable between 80Hz and 160Hz) and two attenuation pads (-10dB or -20dB), as opposed to the X1’s single filter and pad options. The body’s finish has also been updated with the same new high-quality paint as sE’s latest X1 A, and the XLR connector is now gold-plated for loss-free, reliable, and long-lasting use.


For this launch, sE’s best-selling Vocal Pack and Studio Bundle have also been updated. The X1 S Vocal Pack includes sE’s Isolation Pack shockmount and pop shield plus a 3-meter XLR cable, and the X1 Studio Bundle includes the same plus sE’s successful RF-X Reflexion Filter® to provide an instant professional recording solution for any singer, musician, songwriter, or engineer.

According to sE’s General Manager Ling Zou:

“We have updated the X1 microphone design to optimize its sound and build quality. Bundled with our RF-X, I believe we have delivered the best possible recording setup for our customers - especially for new musicians. I hope it will be like owning your first car; it will be a useful tool for a very long time, and you will never forget the beautiful memories you have created together.”

The X1 S will arrive in stores worldwide in May 2017, with a suggested retail price of $249 USD / €249 EUR. It ships with a newly redesigned mic clip and mic stand thread adapter, and is fully compatible with sE’s Isolation Pack shockmount / pop filter system.

The X1 S Vocal Pack and X1 S Studio Bundle will have a suggested retail price of $299 USD / €299 EUR and $399 USD / €399 EUR respectively, and will also be available worldwide May 2017.



sEssions: Motorique

Watch Motorique perform 'Surfer', recorded live in-studio at the Royal Danish Academy of Music, featuring the following sE microphones:

Vocals (backing and lead): V7
Guitar amp: RNR1 + guitaRF
Kick: X1 D + guitaRF

Tom: 4400a
Drum OH: RNR1 (x2)
Congas: T2


Motorique on Facebook
Motorique on Spotify

Motorique is: David Vang, Mads Lassen, Lennart Dybdal
Synths: Sebastian Garst Kropp
Percussion and additional vocals: Erik Apollo

Mix and master: Frederik Brandt Jakobsen
Video and edit: Jonathan Hjorth

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"Serious Vocal Mics" - MusicTech Reviews the V7, V3

Full review by Mike Hillier - MusicTech, March 22nd 2017

Full review by Mike Hillier - MusicTech, March 22nd 2017

"...when we received not one but two new dynamic microphones from the company, we knew there had to be something exciting going on."

"Feedback wasn’t an issue with either microphone. Even when the grille was inevitably cupped by the grip of an MC not yet schooled in proper mic technique, neither mic went into feedback."

"With some high-pass filtering the V7 sounds solid and the midrange captures an aggressive bite, particularly in the 800Hz range that none of the others could compete with."

"On snare, the huge bottom end of the V7 conjured a snare sound that could punch through walls...for big heavy snares, this mic is a must have."

"For live vocals, the V3 is going to make a great alternative to the Shure SM58. Not only does the presence give it an extra shine, but it looks great to boot."

"The V7 is more refined, and will suit certain vocalists more than others, but if you record acoustic drums often, you owe it to yourself to at least give it a try on snare. It’s not perfect for every occasion, but it does have a sound all its own."