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sE Electronics Introduces sE8 Small-Diaphragm Condenser Microphone

Rohnert Park, California, USA - New for Summer NAMM 2017, sE Electronics is proud to announce the sE8 condenser microphone. The sE8 utilizes a handcrafted gold-sputtered small-diaphragm true condenser capsule manufactured by sE in their own capsule room, with this capsule’s brand new backplate design resulting in a more even, balanced sound and superior transient response as compared to any other small-capsule condenser of comparable price and beyond.

According to sE’s Product Manager Thomas Stubics, “You can apply any shelving filters or peak EQ without harshness, unpleasant colorations or distorted transients – it just stays natural.” This is accomplished with an extremely short, efficient signal path, without the use of ICs or transformers - and according to Stubics, the sE8 is “one of the quietest SDC microphones available today – and by far the quietest in its class. Sonically, we feel it can easily be compared with mics that retail for more than $1,000 USD per pair.”

The sE8 also includes two low-cut filters (switchable between 80Hz and 160Hz) and two attenuation pads (-10dB or - 20dB), which provide it with the highest SPL handling capability and dynamic range in its class. The body is finished with the same new high-quality paint as sE’s latest microphones, plus a unique diamond-cut edge around the capsule, and the XLR connector is gold-plated for loss-free, reliable, and long-lasting use.

The sE8 will arrive in stores worldwide August 2017, with a suggested retail price of $299 USD / €229 EUR (incl. VAT). It ships with a newly-designed mic clip, mic stand thread adapter, and protective wind screen.


The sE8 is also available as a matched stereo pair, which comes complete with a precision-machined stereo mounting bar, two mic clips, two wind screens, and a sturdy flight case. Stubics says, “All matched pairs of sE8s are really matched perfectly – we select them from hundreds of mics to ensure the highest possible consistency.” Matched pairs will also be available worldwide August 2017, with a suggested retail price of $599 USD / €399 EUR (incl. VAT).

For more on the new sE8 condenser microphone and sE8 Matched Pair from sE Electronics, please visit:

New Products

New X1 A Review from Musicmaker

"The mic sounds transparent...realistic...calm, definitely not the hyped sound that is common for the price tag."

"The microphone feels solid because of the metal chassis...I was pleasantly surprised that the mic has a low-cut filter. Some more expensive mics don't have that feature."

"Handles high SPL without any problems...even snare drums cause no issues...and the built-in pop filter performs nicely."

"Whisper test is no problem at all. The 's' sounds are not hyped, and that is a plus when recording."

- Musicmaker, July/August 2017



sEssions: Skyskraber

Watch Skyskraber perform 'Soil', recorded live in-studio at the Royal Danish Academy of Music, featuring the following sE gear:

Vocals (lead): V7
Vocals (backing: V3
Guitar amp: VR2 + V7 + guitaRF
Bass amp: T2

Kick: X1 D
Snare: V3
Toms: 4400a
Drum OH: RNR1 (x2)


Skyskraber on Facebook
Skyskraber on SoundCloud

Mix and master: Frederik Brandt Jakobsen
Video and edit: Morten Krogh



New sEssions coming soon.

We've got a BUNCH of new videos in production, and we can't wait to share them with you all.

As a teaser, here are a few photos from a recent video shoot we did in Copenhagen...

photo credit: Morten Krogh