sE In The Studio

SoundBites: RN17 + Upright Bass

Here's the sE / Rupert Neve RN17 small-diaphragm condenser on upright bass, using an unorthodox (but very cool) mic technique. A few tips from the session's engineer, Frederik Brandt Jakobsen:

"This way of recording double bass sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t - it really depends on the sound of the instrument, and the musician playing it. I personally feel that I get the most natural sound of the instrument this way. By placing it here, I can slightly boost or attenuate the frequencies as desired: if I want more low-end I’ll position it lower, but for more high-end and string sound I’ll go higher with the microphone. With a very clean and good condenser like the RN17, you achieve such a completely natural balance between the strings and the body of the bass."


sE In The Studio Reviews the sE2200 and V7 X


"What immediately stands out is the low background noise and the high output of the microphone, I did not have to turn up the microphone pre-stage of my Motu 828x very far. That means the sE2200 does well on less strong preamps, adding to its universal appeal...overall, a very successful microphone."


V7 X:

"Fresh, present, crisp. To my ears, a great microphone...sE Electronics calls it primarily an instrument microphone, which I would confirm by and large, but to my ears it does quite well for some vocals."

"Although they are affordable without major financial spend (especially the V7 X) and thus are a good choice especially for beginners, they are also are an asset to a professional microphone collection."