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Ribbons vs. Condensers: Solo Violin

Stringed instruments, especially in a classical setting, often call for your finest microphones - and a solo violin deserves the very best. But there's still the question of whether a ribbon or a condenser is going to be the right match for your track.

Violinist Cæcilie Balling with the VR2 and 4400a.

Violinist Cæcilie Balling with the VR2 and 4400a.


The 4400a is a good example of classic condenser tonality: this is typically clear, bright and detailed, with plenty of "air" and definition. A good choice for hyper-realistic recordings.



A ribbon mic like the VR2 tends to bring out the crucial midrange intricacies of a stringed instrument, while also keeping the highs mellow and controlled - ideal for any source that might potentially be too harsh.



Our unique RNR1 ribbon, designed with the legendary Mr. Rupert Neve, uses custom-designed transformers and active circuitry to find a balance between midrange magic and extended high-frequency response.

Hear all three mics here, with no compression or EQ applied, listen for the tonal differences, and think about which one you'd choose for your next session.


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