HHB Communications Canada Appointed as Exclusive Canadian Distributor for sE Electronics

Left to right: Dave Dysart (President, HHB Canada), Warren Beck (Technical Support / Broadcast and Systems Product Specialist, HHB Canada), Dave Misener (Product Specialist, HHB Canada)

Left to right: Dave Dysart (President, HHB Canada), Warren Beck (Technical Support / Broadcast and Systems Product Specialist, HHB Canada), Dave Misener (Product Specialist, HHB Canada)

HHB Communications Canada are pleased to announce their appointment as the exclusive Canadian distributor of sE Electronics - an innovative manufacturer of microphones and accessories.

sE are a Shanghai-based manufacturer that produces high quality microphones and accessories that offer great performance at affordable prices. Their design, engineering and the vast majority of their manufacturing takes place in sE’s own factory. 

In 2006, sE released the original Reflexion Filter, and brought studio-quality vocals to bedrooms, garages, and closets for the first time. Since then, over 120,000 sE Reflexion Filters have found homes all over the world.sE also has the distinction of being the world's only microphone manufacturer to collaborate with Mr. Rupert Neve - arguably the most famous name in the history of recording equipment.

sE’s Global Sales & Marketing Director Toni Scherrenberg says, “Over the last few years, we have launched very successful products that have found their way into the hands of some of the finest artists on the planet, and we're just getting started. I am very pleased to announce that HHB will take on sE Electronics distribution for Canada - HHB are truly Canada's leader in professional audio and music production technology, and with their expertise and infrastructure I am confident that they will succeed in taking our business to the next level.”

Dave Dysart, HHB Canada’s President, states “I have always been very impressed with the quality, unique designs and value for money that sE products offer. We look forward to expanding their presence in the Canadian market.”

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The sE8 at EMM (Electronic Music Midwest)

We were recently sent some photos of a number of sE8 small-diaphragm condensers in use at Lewis University in Romeoville, IL USA at Electronic Music Midwest, an electroacoustic and art / electronic music festival co-organized by Kansas City Kansas Community College and Lewis University.

“The mics were used to either amplify acoustic instruments in the theater performance space, or to pick up instrument sounds for real-time computer processing during the three days and nine concerts. The mics sounded (and looked) great, and contributed to the fact that the invited composers, their performers, and audience had nothing but good things to say about the sound during the 3 day event!”

“The sE8’s smooth frequency response and warm sound meant minimal EQ was needed to capture natural sounding acoustic instruments, and minimized feedback problems so we could get the gain we needed even with the mics set up in front of the main L R and C speakers of the 8.1 surround sound speaker system, as it is set up for this event in that venue.”

Dr. Ian Corbett
Professor of Audio Engineering & Music Technology
Kansas City Kansas Community College

Here are some photos taken during soundcheck: